The Ultimate Origami Airplane

With step-by-step instructions fo making five different models of the plane that may one day revolutionize the construction of conventional aircraft. September 2010

With a little practice you can learn to fold and fly the Ultimate Origami Airplane. There are eleven diffrent models to choose form, each with its own uniqu characteristics.




Moth Origami Ariplane Rocket Origami Airplane Swallow Origami Airplane
Basic Origami Airplane Squid Origami Airplane


@ Cicada Airplane 01 Cicada Airplane 02
Cockpit & Vertical Stabilizer Origami Airplane Jet Airplane Kite Origami Ariplane

Any foldable paper of any size will do , but it is best to use Xerox PPC copy paper.
The best size is about 10 inches by 14 inches paper (B4 size).
("10- by 14-in." means "1 by root2 rectangle" or "1 by 1.41421356 rectangle".)

How to Fine-Tune Your Origami Airplane



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Basic Origami Airplane

Rocket Origami Airplane

Moth Origami Ariplane

Squid Origami Airplane

Swallow Origami Airplane


Cicada(Locust) Origami Airplane 01

Cicada(Locust) Origami Airplane 02

Cockpit Origami Airplane

Jet Origami Airplane

Kite Origami Ariplane


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